Thriving in Life, the Natural Way

When Carly first started Naturally Thriving You in 2018, the intention was to bring a space to individuals for them to learn about ways to heal themselves naturally, on the inside and outside. This platform has grown over the years into a small business, and so much more.

The Vision

Naturally Thriving You provides a safe space, trusted mentorship and unique guidance to those seeking to move forward and heal through their past trauma stagnation, current state of struggle and daily stresses;


Naturally Thriving You provides individuals with education about various healing tools. techniques and modalities, specifically Chakra Restoration, working together with them to identify which of these they would like to use in their healing process;


Naturally Thriving You offers a range of tools and products for individuals to purchase, as accompaniment to their personalized programs and healing work.

Kvantum Energy Healing

Kvantum Energy Healing is a healing modality that works with the chakras in an individual's system. The Chakra Restoration method aims to provide optimum energy flow in the human body, helping the individual to find a release of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual blocks, that are potentially inhibiting the person's ability to thrive.

Kvantum Energy Healing embraces a conscious and an unconscious healing process.

The individual's needs are always the first, and utmost, consideration in this healing process.